Historic District Development Commission

Development in the H-1 Historic District 

The city's zoning code (Chapter 32) creates an Historic District Development Commission (otherwise known as HDDC). The role of HDDC is to serve as an architectural review board for all proposed improvements and exterior design modification proposed within zoning District H-1 (the city's historic zoning district). Exterior architectural features and modifications refer to the architectural style and general arrangement of building exteriors visible from any public street or way, including kind, color, and texture of building materials, type of windows, doors, lights, signs, and other appurtenances, including off-street parking. Modifications shall also include construction, reconstruction, demolition, alteration, or any exterior change to any structure within the historic district, or to any individual local historic landmark. Upon successful review, the HDDC will issue a Letter of Approval; at which point, a building permit can be sought. 

Applicants wishing to make such improvements or modifications within the H-1 Historic District should first contact Edie Billings at 573-221-0111 ext. 216 during normal business hours. HDDC's historical guidelines are available below.